New York Times articles by John Canemaker:

*3 Oct 04. "Part Human, Part Cartoon: A New Species" (THE INCREDIBLES).

*7 Sept 03. "The Lost Cartoon By Disney and Dali, Fellow Surrealists"(DESTINO)

*11 May 03. "When Animators Swim with the Fishes" (FINDING NEMO)

*8 Sept 02. "Taking Treasure Island into Space and Animation on the IMAX Screen."

*12 May 02. "Flat Worlders Face the Horizon and See it's in 3-D" (LILO & STITCH; SPIRIT)

*17 March 02. "Visions of a New Era in ICE AGE."

*13 May 01. "On the Leading edge of Animation, For the Moment." [SHREK]

*19 Nov 00. "A Master of Laughter in Motion" [Chuck Jones]

*2 July 00. "The Original Laureate Of an Abstract Poetry [Oskar Fischinger/MoMA retrospective]"

*30 April 00. "Chickens Fleeing on Feet Made of Clay." [CHICKEN RUN] see also: Time magazine,19 June 2000, "Run, Chicken, Run!" by Richard Corliss, contains quote by Canemaker.

*8 Aug 99. "A Disney Dissenter Shuns Song and Dance." [THE IRON GIANT]

*2 May 99. "Me Tarzan, Me Computer-Assisted." [The Future of Animation]

*13 Sept 98. "An Epic That Defies the Disney Method." [THE PRINCE OF EGYPT]

*24 Nov 96. "Slipsliding Between Animation and Reality" [live- action 101 DALMATIONS].

*6 Aug 95. "An American Icon Scampers in for a Makeover". [Mickey Mouse in RUNAWAY BRAIN].

New York Times Book Reviews by John Canemaker:

*17 Dec 95. "The Kid From Hogan's Alley" [R.F. Outcault's Yellow Kid by Bill Blackbeard].

*30 Oct 94 "Ovid, Meet Wile E. Coyote" [Chuck Jones: A Flurry of Drawings by Hugh Kenner]

*10 July 94. "Life Before Mickey" [Walt in Wonderland by Russell Merritt and J.B. Kaufman]

Articles on John Canemaker in The New York Times:

6 Feb 06. "Careful, These Cartoons Pack a Puch" (THE MOON AND THE SON). Author: Solomon, Charles. Click Here for the NYTimes Article!

Wall Street Journal articles by John Canemaker:

22 April 2008 - Ollie Johnston: Last of the Red-Hot Animators

21 Dec 2006 – "Last Cartoon Emperor of the Golden Age . . . ," a tribute to producer Joe Barbera.

9 Aug 2005 – “Disney Erases Hand-Drawn Animation”

22-23 Oct 2005 – “Masterpiece: ‘A Promising Monstrosity’ (FANTASIA)”

Disney Magazine articles by John Canemaker:

*Disney Magazine. Fall 2004. "The Greatest Animated Movie Guide. An Exclusive by John Canemaker and Leonard Maltin."

*Disney Magazine. Fall 2003. "Designing Woman." (Mary Blair excerpt)

*Disney Magazine. Summer 2002. "From SNOW WHITE to LILO."

*Disney Magazine. Fall 2001. "Snow White and the Nine Old Men."

*Disney Magazine. Summer 2001. "Through the Looking Glass."

ESOPUS Magazine articles by John Canemaker: 

#5 – Fall 2005) – “Let a Thousand Drawings Bloom”

Print ("America's Graphic Design Magazine") articles by John Canemaker:

*October 2008 - "Beautiful Beasts" - Book reviews of "Dream Worlds and Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life"

*Sept/Oct. 2007 - "Chief Mouseketeer" - Review of "The Animated Man."

Jan/Feb 2007 - (book review) - "Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in Fifties Animation," pp. 104-105.

*Sept/Oct. 2006 - "Thinking Images"

*Sept/Oct. 2005 -  “When Dali Met Disney (DESTINO)”

*May/June 2005 – “Farm Subsidy: The Making of ANIMAL FARM (1954)”

*May/June 04 - "Jesus, Elvis and Me." (Andreas Hykade's animated films)

*May/June 04 - "Books in Print": Book review by Canemaker of "Optical Poetry: The Life and Work of Oskar Fischinger," by William Moritz.

*Jul/Aug 01 - "Betty Boop Forever."; "In Living Color."

*Sept/Oct 01. "Animal Behavior - In The Floyd Archives."

*May/June 00 - "Un Disney" [Japanese anime]

*May/Jun 97 - "In Living Fantasy" [Nick Park]

*Mar/Apr 96 - "Secrets of Disney's Special Effects: The Schultheis Notebooks"

*Jan/Feb 95 - "Cross Over Art" (Kathy Rose)

*Sept/Oct 94 - "Animal House" (Eyewitness TV series)

*Mar/Apr 93 - "Lost Rainbow" (Blacklisted cartoon feature FINIAN'S RAINBOW)

*Sept/Oct 92 - "Over the Edge with MTV"

*Mar/Apr 92 (Book Review) - Art of Mickey Mouse; Disney's Art of Animation.

*Sept/Oct 90 - "A Dream of Hollywood" (Disney-MGM Theme Park)

*Sept/Oct 89 - "Animation on Video Laser Disks"; book: review: The Cave of Lascaux - The Final Photographs

*May/June89 -"ROGER RABBIT Revisited"

*Jan/Feb 88 - "The FANTASIA That Never Was"

*Nov/Dec 87 - "SNOW WHITE's Lost Dream"

*Sept/Oct 87 - "Lou Bunin: Puppet Master"

*May/June 87 - "Istvan Banyai: Moments of Action"

*Sept/Oct 84 - "(Zbigniew) Rybczynski's Tricks"

*Mar/Apr 84 - (Book Review) "Walt Disney's FANTASIA."

*Mar/Apr 83 - "The Abstract Films of Oskar Fischinger"

*Mar/Apr 82 - "Disney Backgrounds"

*Sept/Oct 81 - "The Happy Accidents of John & Faith Hubley"

*Nov/Dec 80 - "Britain's Independent Animators"

*Mar/Apr 79 - "Redefining Animation: Caroline Leaf, Dennis Pies, Will Vinton"

*Nov/Dec 78 - "Disney without Walt"

*Sept/Oct 78 - "Special for Christmas (R.O. Blechman)"

Articles on or by John Canemaker in ANIMATION WORLD MAGAZINE (

The John Canemaker Interview by Joe Strike.

*Part 1 – 03 June 05:

*Part 2  -  08 July 05:,+john&article_no=2549&page=1

*Part 3 – 05 Aug 05:

*"John Canemaker's Sweet 'Dreams'" John Canemaker spotlights animation's unsung heroes in "Paper Dreams: The Art and Artists of Disney's Story Boards". Mike Lyons reports. (Articles) 1999-12-01 Author: Lyons, Mike

*"The New York University's Tisch School of the Arts Animation Program" John Canemaker shows us around the refurbished animation facilities at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts Animation Program and gives us insight into the school's curriculum. (Articles) 1999-02-01 Author: Canemaker, John

*"Declaration Of Independents" Melissa Chimovitz discovers that independent animation is alive and well in New York when she profiles: George Griffin, John Canemaker, Kathy Rose, Debra Solomon, Steve Dovas, Lewis Klahr and Janie Geiser. Includes Quicktime movies. (Articles) 1998-05-01 Author: Chimovitz, Melissa

*"An Archive Profile: The John Canemaker Collection at New York University" John Canemaker explains the contents of his extensive newly created archives at NYU. (Articles) 1997-07-01 Author: Canemaker, John

*"The Animated World of John Canemaker." Filmmaker, teacher and animation historian, John Canemaker has been called animation's ambassador at large. Mike Lyons explains why. (Articles) 1996-12-01 Author: Lyons, Mike

*"The Electric Felix Man" John Canemaker relates how Otto Messmer, the creator of Felix the Cat, got into directing animated films for a Times Square landmark. (Articles) 1996-11-01 Author: Canemaker, John


"In Search of Dana Parker," Vol. 1 Issue 2 - Winter 2005, pp. 45-52.

"In Search of John Parr Miller - part 1," Vol. 2 Issue 2 - Winter 2006, pp. 9-21.


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