CONFESSIONS OF A STARDREAMER (1978) - The extemporaneous musings of an actress about her career provide the springboard for an imaginative fantasy on the fragility of fame. 14th International Tournee of Animation 1979; Best of World Animation, Zagreb International Animation Festival 1980; London Film Festival 13-30 Nov, 1980; Filmex 1980, Los Angeles.

"Only John Canemaker's CONFESSIONS OF A STARDREAMER, funny cartoony images over the voice of an actress setting forth her life and hopes, meets the best of the Canadian and European works on their own (and the Tournee's) traditional ground of free form and freewheeling invention." Charles Champlin, Los Angeles Times, 5 April 1979.

"John Canemaker's CONFESSIONS OF A STARDREAMER has the quick sketch and metamorphosis that keeps the clichÈs of the jaded actress on the soundtrack alive." Harvard Crimson Arts Weekly, 22 February 1979.

"Witty interview with a would-be film star. CONFESSIONS OF A STARDREAMER sent up the myths of the star system, the old one, with cleverly animated drawings and good counterpoint prattle by a would-be star." Variety, 1 July 1980; "Nine Shorts Slated for NEA Showcase," Variety 6 May 1981. "Marvelous takeoff." San Francisco Chronicle.

"[STARDREAMER] points up Canemaker's importance as an animator [which is] a knowledge and respect for the verities and art of studio and commercial mainsteam animation while also having the technical and critical grasp on what is going on in independent animation circles . . . [STARDREAMER is] a work that utilizes the most avant-garde animation techniques and approaches in a film that had more heart and warmth of feeling than most so-called personal animation." Animation Newsletter, Vol. I#5, May 1982. Distributor: Phoenix Learning Group, Inc., St. Louis, MO. © John Canemaker 2001, 2003. All Rights Reserved.