BREAK THE SILENCE: KIDS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE (1994) - CBS/Arnold Shapiro Prod. - Peabody Award-winner - The effects of child abuse as seen from the child's perspective and in their own words. This CBS special won a Peabody Award.

See also: The Hollywood Reporter by Laurence Vittes, 24-26 March, 1995: "While many shows with a similar purpose make the abuse itself sometimes gratuitously graphic, BREAK THE SILENCE uses the skills of animator John Canemaker and his crew to demonstrate the abuse in a beautifully touching and compassionate style that both kids and adults will understand without being overwhelmed by apprehension."

see also: "Animating the Silence," by Mike Lyons, Update, vol.3 #4, 1994; "Canemaker Animates the Silent Rage Inside Child Abuse Victims" by Carolyn Giardina. Backstage, n.d. Daily Variety, 31 May 1994. Full-Page ad, p. 15; The Hollywood Reporter, 31 May 1994 review by Rick Sherwood: "This isn't just another special about child abuse. It is THE special . . . "; New York Vue - Daily News, 29 May - 4 June, 1994 "Saying 'No' to Abuse;" Animation Magazine, March/April 1994, p. 46. © John Canemaker 2001, 2003. All Rights Reserved.