WHAT DO CHILDREN THINK OF WHEN THEY THINK OF THE BOMB? (1983) - Prod.: PBS/The Icarus Company - Children's imaginings about the end of the world as a theme park provides the fodder for this animated sequence from a PBS special on young people and nuclear anxiety. Music by Elizabeth Swados, produced by Mary Silverman. Animation design/ direction by John Canemaker.

"Adults and children will probably agree that Swados and Canemaker and Silverman have produced the most attractive, imaginative film ever on a nuclear subject." Nuclear Times, October 1983. "Clever animation by John Canemaker . . . spooky in the style of Edward Gorey . . . eloquent." TV Views, Newsday, 24 June 1984. "John Canemaker brings life to dark fantasies of devastation and death ... His boldly imaginative animation overwhelms the live-action scenes." Los Angeles Times, 27 June 1984.

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