WINSOR McCAY - His Life and Art New York

Abbeville Press, 1987.

"John Canemaker's biography should go a long way toward putting McCay firmly back on the map. . . He satisfies your curiosity about McCay's life, sets him in the context of his times, and comments perceptively on his art." New York Times, "Books of the Times" by John Gross, 9 June 1987.

"John Canemaker offers a thorough and rounded appreciation of McCay's career, and provides background material . . . that p[laces McCay's work in historical perspective. . . we emerge with a surprisingly full picture of McCay, the man." New York Times Book Review by Leonard Maltin, 6 December 1987.

"Probably the best biography of a cartoonist ever written . . .John Canemaker's text is that great and most welcome rarity, a genuine work of scholarship about a cartoonist . . . a model for other books about comic art." Review by Michael Barrier. The Comics Journal, March 1988.

"This is one book that anyone interested in out cultural heritage can't afford to miss." USA Today, Art Spiegelman book review, 23 June 1987.

"At last, Winsor McCay has found his Boswell." Leonard Maltin, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, n.d. 1987.

"Canemaker's biographical skills are exemplary." Print, Nov/Dec 1987.

"It's a gorgeous book about a fascinating character . . . an excellent account of an American original." Time magazine.

Tribute to John Canemaker: "In recognition of your contribution and achievement in the field of writing," Marymount Mahattan College, 11 November 1987.

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