Alyson Wonderland, 1998.
(Text by Joseph Kennedy, illustrations by John Canemaker).

Los Angeles: Alyson Wonderland, 1998. "Winner of the Week: In the fine tradition of "Heather Has Two Mommies comes this nonchalant, tolerance-teaching children's tome . . .about a cat who happily cohabits with her two male owners. Bonus: The page corners form a flip-book -- and it goes both ways." Entertainment Weekly, 17 April 1998.

See also: "Kids' Book with Subtle Theme May Buck Backlash Trend" by Harriet L. Schwartz, Philadelphia Gay News, 5-11 June 1998.; "A Cat and Two Dads" by Mark R. Vogel, The Washington Blade, 15 May 1998; "What's New, Pussycat?" by Robert L. Pela, The Advocate, 23 June 1998; "Pet project" by Caitlin Dover, Print, Nov/Dec 1998. © John Canemaker 2001, 2003. All Rights Reserved.