FELIX - The Twisted Tale of the World's Most Famous Cat.

New York: Pantheon 1991; Da Capo, 1996; Dreamland (French ed.), 1996.

"[Felix] was a genuine star, as Mr. Canemaker's affectionate biography convincingly demonstrates. More than a star, in fact: the essence of an era." New York Times Book Review by Michael Cart, 31 March 1991.

"Fascinating book . . . Canemaker is a satisfying combination of historian, reporter, and fan." Entertainment Weekly book review by Ken Tucker, 26 April 1991.

"Canemaker makes another invaluable contribution to the history of American cartooning and animation." Booklist, 1 April 1991.

See also: "Cat Draws Animator Into the Tale of Felix," The Southampton Press, 15 August 1991; Kirkus Reviews 15 February 1991; Washington Post "Hardcovers in Brief", 19 May 1991;

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